How Epstein-Barr Manifests as Mono

The link between Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) and autoimmune diseases has been established with research over the years. The most common association most of us have with EBV is the mono connection.

Linked to Fibromyalgia

Almost everyone has been infected at some point in their lives with EBV, a member of the herpes family and the most common of human viruses. After the initial infection, often with mononucleosis, the virus settles into the cells of the immune system, called B-cells, where it remains for life.

It is mostly dormant, but occasionally it can reactivate and replicate. In order to maintain the EBV in a dormant or latent state, the body uses another immune cell called T-cells to keep the immune system functioning properly.

Because EBV upsets the immune system, it is possible for it to trigger a later autoimmune response in the form of chronic illness. Such is the case with fibromyalgia.

Fibromyalgia presents with myriad symptoms, among them:

· Widespread pain

· Morning stiffness

· Sleep disorders

· Chronic headaches

· Fatigue

· Weight gain

· Vision problems

· Depression

· Memory loss

How Fibro is Diagnosed

In order to determine whether or not a person is suffering with fibromyalgia as opposed to chronic fatigue syndrome or another type of autoimmune illness, the doctor will do a Tender Point test in which 18 tender points are pressed to determine if there is pain.

If 11 of these points are tender or painful, then the diagnosis is often made of fibromyalgia. Many of the symptoms of fibromyalgia are similar to those of EBV, including overlapping symptoms of fatigue, headaches, joint and muscle pain and sleep disorders.

Because of the similarities, many people who deal with chronic EBV end up being misdiagnosed if they develop fibromyalgia. A proper diagnosis is important. Experts believe that fibromyalgia, just like chronic fatigue syndrome, is a reactivation of EBV triggering the illness.

There is no cure for fibromyalgia, just as there is no cure for mononucleosis - you can only treat the symptoms.

Conventional medicine offers no cure for fibromyalgia; however, exercise, medication and behavioral therapies are often used to help fibromyalgia sufferers and have some success in reducing symptoms.

How to Re-Balance the Immune System

Treating fibromyalgia naturally is done by re-balancing the immune system which has been affected negatively by the Epstein-Barr virus. Some of the methods of treating fibromyalgia naturally include:

· Nutritional intervention

· Graded exercise

· Stress management

· Re-establishing healthy sleep patterns

· Magnesium and malic acid

-foods rich in magnesium include fish, avocado, raw nuts and seeds, brown rice, apples

-malic acid is found in fruits such as apples

Fatigue is common to both EBV and fibromyalgia. In order to address this symptom, vitamin C and the B complex vitamins are best. To reduce inflammation of the joints and muscles, anti-inflammatory foods such as:

· Fish oil

· Zinc

· Ginger

· Turmeric

· Pineapple

A diet that is low in simple carbohydrates, high in good quality proteins and healthy fats and lots of vegetables and fruits is the best way to bring symptoms of EBV and fibromyalgia into line.


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