Coping with mono during pregnancy

Many people don't realize how common the virus mononucleosis (mono) is. It is often thought of as the kissing disease that affects teenagers. In reality the mono virus can affect young children and adults as well. Pregnant women are also at risk of suffering from mono.


Is it dangerous for pregnant women to catch mono?

Pregnant women are often very worried when diagnosed with mono. They are concerned that it might affect the fetus's health. Luckily it rarely poses a danger to the baby.

Risk -  according to the latest research from the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, mono does not cause an increased risk of miscarriage or birth defects for pregnant women who are infected.

Symptoms - in the majority of cases, the symptoms are mild. Many people experience swollen lymph nodes, fever and sore throat. Fatigue is also a problem which results from both the mono and the symptoms of pregnancy.

Fever - high fevers do need to be controlled, as extremely high fevers can pose some danger to the baby. Dehydration from fever and lack of appetite must also be avoided. This is particularly important in pregnancy to ensure that the baby is getting all the fluids he needs.

Tips for coping with mono and pregnancy

Medical help - there is no cure for mono. Serious complications from mono usually only occur in individuals who already have an underlying medical condition. You can ask your medical practitioner for advice about treatments for mono symptoms that are safe to use in pregnancy.

Eat well - what you eat can be crucial to your wellbeing. It is hard to follow this advice when mono causes decreased appetite. Pain from swollen tonsils can also be restrictive. You need nutrition for you and the fetus. Fruit and protein shakes can be a good way to improve your nutritional intake.

Extra rest - the combination of mono and pregnancy is likely to leave you feeling exhausted. Lie down whenever you can. It may well be frustrating to be so inactive, but resting is the best way to treat mono.

Time out - try to make time for yourself. Indulge yourself in a pregnancy massage or some other special treat. Balancing illness and pregnancy can be very hard. It's ok to put yourself first sometimes.

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